Friday, March 16, 2007

These Are the Days...

The 10,000 Maniacs had no idea how prophetic they would be on March 16, 2007.

There are days when there is NOTHING educational and edifying going on in SL. But, those days are getting to be few and far between. Today, there was SO MUCH going on that I actually had to rank and choose.

I missed out on the awesome live speech at the New Media Campus by Dr. Daniel Reed, Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, on Computing the Future: The 3-D Net. But, because of the future...I was able to listen to the podcast, and it was like I had never missed it!

I missed it because I was at the ACHUB conference listening to Exploring Opportunities in Second Life for Health Education and Medical Training by Pauline Woolley & Dr Damion Young, University of Oxford. I am so excited about the sharing of ideas that took place there. Pauline and Damion have an excellent vision, and I am confident in the pending results.

So, then my event notifier clicked on, and I was reminded of the faculty discussion at Greenbush...but, alas, it was listed with the wrong time, and I missed it. Even though they focus on K-12 education, I am impressed by their resources and commitment to faculty development.

Well, then I had a little break, and was off to hear Jeremy Koester talk about gaming in SL. It was a great experience, and his voice chat offered an awesome dimension. We are going to work together to get Edufrag in SL.

After Jeremy, I presented my talk on Barbie with Brains: The Second Life of a First Life Nerd. This was an awesome experience. I have presented many times IRL, but it is a whole new experience inworld.

Today was an amazing SL day; I felt energized like I do when I go to RL conferences. There are some brilliant folks in SL, and I hope to meet each and every one of them!


Blogger Alja Sulčič said...

I couldn't agree more! It was great meeting you again and seeing your brit lit class - it's such an amazing idea! Sorry I missed your presentation, but it was on a bit too late for me :( Thanks for your help and info yesterday - and hopefully we'll have the chance to get together on more events like the ones we've just had this friday :)

SL iAlja Writer

4:20 AM  

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