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SP08 107 Week Three HW Part One

Friday, January 25, 2008

VozMe Podcasting Tool

To make an easy podcast that doesn't require a mic, go to VozMe...

You simply type in your information in here:

Then you get an Mp3.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Caiti's Animoto

This is Caiti's Animoto for English 104.

Vera's Animoto

This is Vera's Animoto on what it means to be an American!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The First Student Book Hits the Stand!

In English 104 at DeSales, students are creating Mixbooks. Amy H. accidently published hers, but it well worth sharing here! The theme for the course is..."What is an American?"

View this book full size or get a printed copy at Mixbook

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Women and War Classroom

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Students on America

Students in English 104 defined Americans in these terms. Interesting, eh?

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Funny Blackboard Video

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Readings for next Semester Post 1

I decided to blog some reading ideas for next semester's English 104 class. The theme, "What is an American," will be used again. Please feel free to suggest resources.

Potential Readings:

What is an American? J. Hector St. John Crevecoeur

What is an American? Time Magazine, 1948

What is an American? Harold Ickes

What is an American? Peter Ferrara, Associate Professor of Law, George Mason University School of Law

What is an American? Edward L. Hudgins, CATO Institute

What is an American? CNN

The Circus People (Federal Writers Project) with video clip of Maude Cromwell, trapeze artist

To Kill an American (Video)

I will add some more later.

DMP 121 Movie Review of "Journey from the Fall" by Ham Tran

In DMP 121: Media Scriptwriting and Storyboarding, Dewey suggested we watch the film, "Journey from the Fall" written by Ham Tran. It is the story of Vietnamese boat people that fled communist China. It is brilliant, but the back story - or at least Ham Tran's telling of it - is incredible, too. In itself, it is a story.

Tran wanted to create a movie that would remain true to the struggles the Vietnamese people faced as they decided to either stay and suffer re-education camps or leave and risk death by starvation, dehydration, or pirate violence.

The stories he tells in his interview with the Asian Pacific Arts are excellent; he continuously revised the story to match the real details of the experience. He listened to the people who actually survived the experience, and revised the script daily.

Here are the two YouTube interviews with him:


I want to thank Dewey for suggesting the movie, but I want to thank Ham Tran, too, for telling a story that none of us ever get to hear.

The students were able to learn that some of the best script writing is done when we listen to the truth; when we pause and listen to the voices of those who truly know and not the ones who simply claim to know, we can create authentic representations of history.

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Tagging Assignment

By popular demand (and Marc Bonanni's suggestion), here is my assignment on tagging and citing.

Tagging Assignment

Tags are used when written content is not available for a Google search. For example, if I write a blog post about cancer, all of the terms in the blog post are searchable through Google's algorithm. However, if I create a podcast about cancer, Google can not search the audio. Soooo....I create tags or words that people might put into Google to find materials on cancer (for example: Cancer, Ovarian, Health, and Disease). That way, if someone searches Google with the words Cancer, Ovarian, Health, and Disease, my podcast will pop up as one of the items in the list.

We can also tag documents. Let's say that in my blog post, I don't actually WRITE the word "health" but want people to find my work if they search Google using the word "health." I simply add "Health" to the tag line at the bottom of my post.

Application Activity: The Many Faces of Research

Step 1: In Google, type in "Web 2.0 and Education." Look at the top three responses and create an MLA citation for each one.

Step 2: In Google Scholar, type in "Web 2.0 and Education.” Look at the top three responses and create an MLA citation for each one.

Step 3: In, type in "Web 2.0 and Education.” Look at the top three responses and create an MLA citation for each one.

Step 4: In Digg, type in "Web 2.0 and Education.” Look at the top three responses and create an MLA citation for each one.

Step 5: In You Tube, type in "Web 2.0 and Education.” Look at the top three responses and create an MLA citation for each one.

Step 6: In Slide Share, type in "Web 2.0 and Education.” Look at the top three responses and create an MLA citation for each one.

Step 7: Write a summary of your findings (one/two paragraphs).

Step 9: Write a 500 word essay comparing and contrasting the different sources found using this keyword search.

Step 10: Combine all of the citation on one page, and use MLA format to create a comprehensive Works Cited page.

Author: Beth Ritter-Guth, Creative Commons Non-Commercial with Attribution and Share Alike J

Lecture Notes for English 104 Hybrid November 29, 2007

Here is the podcast for our lecture notes :-)


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tech Writing Class Notes for Final NMC Project

Here are the notes for students in both sections of ENG 107 at LCCC. This explains the final project in detail and provides some starting points for research and dissemination.

[18:16] You: Hi everyone!
[18:16] Daliah Carter: Hi desi
[18:16] Ionnes McBride: hello
[18:16] Eloise Pasteur: Hi Desi :-)
[18:16] Nathamine Nemeth: hi
[18:17] You: How is everyone doing?
[18:17] Ionnes McBride: good... i'm nervous about this final project
[18:17] You: ok, let's talk about it
[18:17] Nathamine Nemeth: I have a couple questions about it
[18:17] You: what makes you nervous?
[18:17] You: ok, lets talk about it
[18:17] Ionnes McBride: i don't have any clue what you want in it... lol
[18:17] You: what questions do you have
[18:17] Nathamine Nemeth: wel...
[18:17] You: ok - lets start with the point of it all
[18:18] Ionnes McBride: sounds good
[18:18] Nathamine Nemeth: what from should our citations and bib take?
[18:18] You: NMC wants to know who has used the horizon report and how
[18:18] Ionnes McBride: okay...
[18:18] You: you may use either MLA or APA
[18:18] Nathamine Nemeth: footnotes?
[18:18] You: so, everyone go to
[18:18] You: and type in NMC
[18:18] You: in the search tab
[18:18] You: what comes up?
[18:19] Ionnes McBride: "second life: NMC creativity symposium"... whatever that means
[18:19] You: that was a conference
[18:19] You: do you see any citations for the Horizon report?
[18:20] Ionnes McBride: not really... most of it isn't the "NMC" i'm looking for
[18:20] Nathamine Nemeth: when is this due?
[18:21] Parrot Ferrer is Online
[18:21] You: try NMC Horizon Report
[18:21] Ionnes McBride: okay
[18:21] You: it is Due December 1
[18:21] You: I got one hit
[18:21] Nathamine Nemeth: thanksgiving break doesn't change our schedule?
[18:21] Ionnes McBride: Serious Games To Have Significant Influence on Higher Education
[18:21] You: nope :-)
[18:21] Ionnes McBride: and that's it
[18:21] You: right
[18:21] You: ok
[18:21] You: now lets look at that link
[18:21] You: click on it
[18:21] Ionnes McBride: okay
[18:22] You: we know, for example that this is a blog
[18:22] Ionnes McBride: okay...
[18:22] You: and we know that it is a summary of the report with links directly to the report
[18:22] You: does it do anything else with it?
[18:22] Ionnes McBride: yes
[18:23] Ionnes McBride: well... there is a 32 page report about something...
[18:23] You: that is the horizon report (the one you were supposed to have read :-)
[18:23] You: it links to it
[18:23] You: but there is a specific reason given
[18:23] You: why is this person linking to it?
[18:24] Ionnes McBride: uhhh... i'm gonna say i read it... and then go look at it to make sure
[18:24] You: lol
[18:24] Ionnes McBride: wait... what was the question?
[18:24] You: we know this is a blog
[18:24] You: we know that it links to the exact documents
[18:24] You: both the long report and the short list
[18:24] You: but the blog writer gives a reason
[18:25] You: why does this poster link to it?
[18:25] You: read the blog post
[18:25] Ionnes McBride: it is supposed to "seek and identify" technology that will be used in education... i think
[18:26] Ionnes McBride: am i at least close?
[18:26] You: what does this line mean
[18:26] You: With regards to Serious Games, the object of my affection, Virtual Worlds end up on the shortlist as a real opportunity, to be “adopted in two to three years” whilst Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) Educational Gaming, "within four to five years" shall be common place in a variety of disciplines.
[18:27] Ionnes McBride: meaning... real gamers don't like things like SL... but they would be more willing to try an actually MMORPG
[18:27] You: well, that is the persons interest
[18:28] Ionnes McBride: yes...
[18:28] You: but how is it connected to NMC?
[18:28] You: this person cites the Horizon report to do WHAT to his or her work?
[18:28] Ionnes McBride: NMC is the way to find out how to use an MMO and education simaltamiously
[18:28] You: legitimize?
[18:28] You: right?
[18:28] Ionnes McBride: yes...
[18:28] You: people think that educational games are baloney
[18:28] You: so here is a reputable orgization saying this is the way education is going
[18:29] You: and so this person wants to get connected to that information
[18:29] You: so, we can tell NMC that one person used the report to legitimize their work in edu-gaming
[18:29] You: right?
[18:29] Ionnes McBride: yes
[18:29] You: ok
[18:29] You: lets all go to
[18:29] Ionnes McBride: ah... and then i've found my source... and cn answer all the questions that i need to for the final...
[18:30] You: and do the same thing
[18:30] You: RIGHT!
[18:30] You: lets go to
[18:30] You: and see what we find there
[18:30] Ionnes McBride: see... it's starting to click... slowly
[18:31] You: Lots of stuff there
[18:31] Ionnes McBride: yes
[18:31] You: we will have to look at each citation
[18:31] You: see HOW the report has been used and WHO has used
[18:31] You: so, in that first example
[18:31] You: we know that it was used ina BLOG
[18:31] Ionnes McBride: the first link?
[18:31] You: (from Digg)
[18:31] You: we know WHY it was used
[18:31] Ionnes McBride: oh.. rite
[18:31] Ionnes McBride: yes
[18:31] Nathamine Nemeth: most of the links at delicious are to the report itself
[18:32] You: and we could figure out pretty easily who the blogger is
[18:32] Ionnes McBride: i agree with Nath
[18:32] You: ah
[18:32] Ionnes McBride: true again
[18:32] You: so, we can sum up ALL those with X number of people tagged the 2007 Horizon Report on
[18:33] You: so, we can say that HOW they used it was tagging it
[18:33] Ionnes McBride: no way!!
[18:33] You: and WHY they used it was social bookmarking
[18:33] Ionnes McBride: okay... that's cool
[18:33] You: now, lets count up how many people ALSO connected to it
[18:33] You: (thats the little number in red)
[18:33] You: who can add that all up?
[18:34] You: the SAVED BY
[18:34] Nathamine Nemeth: almost a thousand
[18:34] You: add them all up
[18:34] You: ok, so now we know that nearly a THOUSAND people have saved it on
[18:34] Ionnes McBride: wow
[18:34] You: now, if you are a compnay and you want to know how effective your report is
[18:34] You: isnt this a great way to track back?
[18:34] Ionnes McBride: i should be writing this all down... is there a way to save all that was said here?
[18:35] Nathamine Nemeth: yeah
[18:35] Ionnes McBride: yes
[18:35] You: I will publish this chat on the wiki
[18:35] You: how is that?
[18:35] Ionnes McBride: that's great
[18:35] Eloise Pasteur: open your history, click into the window, cntl-A, Cntl-C and paste it into word or similar
[18:35] You: now. lets brainstorm other places
[18:35] You: how about SlideShare?
[18:35] You: lets go there and see
[18:35] You:
[18:36] You: I got 536!
[18:36] Ionnes McBride: i got... 5742
[18:36] Nathamine Nemeth: views?
[18:37] Ionnes McBride: huh?
[18:37] Fleep Tuque is Online
[18:37] Ionnes McBride: wait... now i'm confused
[18:37] Nathamine Nemeth: I don't get a "linked to" or saved at slideshare
[18:37] You: ok, well that may be because we used different tags
[18:37] Ionnes McBride: oh... i get it
[18:37] You: what did you use?
[18:37] You: I used NMC Horizon
[18:37] Ionnes McBride: NMC Horizon Report
[18:37] You: ok
[18:37] Nathamine Nemeth: NMC
[18:38] Nathamine Nemeth: I get 536 for NMC horizon
[18:38] You: Ok, so you need to look at all of them :-)
[18:38] You: and sort them
[18:39] You: Larry Pixel is coming to say hi
[18:39] Ionnes McBride: i hope your kidding
[18:39] You: he is the CEO of NMC
[18:39] You: nope, not kidding
[18:39] You: lol
[18:39] You: now, this is what I WOULD DO
[18:39] You: I would email the class in WebCT
[18:39] You: and get everyone to take a few
[18:39] You: and then share your results on teh blogs
[18:39] You: that way everyone does a little
[18:39] You: but not everyone does it all :-)
[18:39] Ionnes McBride: as opposed to just randomly picking a few?
[18:40] You: thats what I would do if I were a student in the class?
[18:40] You: right, you cant randomly pick
[18:40] Nathamine Nemeth: what about the calss wiki?
[18:40] You: you could do that too
[18:40] Nathamine Nemeth: the links we all tagged a while back?
[18:40] You: you could send an email to everyone in WebCT
[18:40] Nathamine Nemeth: where is that?
[18:41] You: ask them to look at the wiki
[18:41] You: or tell them what you are doing
[18:41] You: and what yopu want the m to do
[18:41] Ionnes McBride: i vote that Nath head it up
[18:41] You: keep me in the loop
[18:41] Nathamine Nemeth: uh......
[18:41] You: and I can help wit hthe wiki side
[18:41] You: or set up a wiki for you
[18:41] Nathamine Nemeth: what am i doing?
[18:41] You: whatever you want me to do - - but I cant send the email
[18:41] Hydra Shaftoe is Online
[18:41] You: this is your project and not mine :-)
[18:41] MystiTool HUD 1.0.21: Entering chat range: Larry Pixel (0m)
[18:41] You: do you know how to send email in WebCT?
[18:42] You: just hightlight everyone's name
[18:42] Nathamine Nemeth: I just want to know where is that wiki we made a while back?
[18:42] Eloise Pasteur: Hey Larry
[18:42] Ionnes McBride: yes... that's all i use
[18:42] You: it is still there
[18:42] Daliah Carter: Hello Larry
[18:42] Ionnes McBride: Hello Larry
[18:42] You: Hi LArry, welcome
[18:42] Larry Pixel: Hi everyione!
[18:42] You: these are two students from tech writing
[18:42] Larry Pixel: I have been following your project
[18:42] You: they are working on tracking back the 2007 HP
[18:42] Nathamine Nemeth: I have to decline thi smass e-mail...I have ebough on my plate.
[18:43] You: Larry, can you tell the students what you do?
[18:43] You: who you are and all that great stuff?
[18:43] Larry Pixel: I am the CEO of the New Media Consortium
[18:43] Larry Pixel: you can find more about me at
[18:43] Larry Pixel: NMC publishes the Horizon Report each january
[18:44] Nathamine Nemeth: so there is one coming soon?
[18:44] You: Larry, it you had to pick one web 2.0 application that you suspect tags the report the most, which one would it be?
[18:44] Larry Pixel: and I lead the project in addition to many other things at NMC
[18:44] You: yes, another will come in January
[18:44] Larry Pixel: yes it is is released each january, so we are deep into writing the 2008 Report
[18:45] Larry Pixel: well I'd look for some evidence first, but have not done that
[18:45] Ionnes McBride: what are some of the newest items?
[18:45] Larry Pixel: what have you found?
[18:45] Larry Pixel: new items for 2008?
[18:45] Ionnes McBride: oh... i didn't know you were talking to me
[18:45] Larry Pixel: we're not that far yet
[18:45] Larry Pixel: it is still November!
[18:46] Larry Pixel: we have it down from 240 items on the original list in August to 12 now
[18:46] You: were there any suprises in what didn't make the cut?
[18:46] Larry Pixel: so if you have one question for the author of the Horizon Report, what woudl it be?
[18:46] Larry Pixel: mmmmmm.....surprises? No not really
[18:47] Ionnes McBride: How accurate are the predictions?
[18:47] Larry Pixel: Remember we are looking for things that will enter common use on campuses, so most are already in use in business and industry or entertainment now
[18:48] Larry Pixel: How accurate are the predictions?
[18:48] Ionnes McBride: yes
[18:48] Larry Pixel: well that is a common question, but it is not one we particularly are focused on -- we look for ones that are interesting....but to answer directly, in 4 years, we've not missed any
[18:49] Larry Pixel: all are in common use within the time frames we thought. Some have converged with others, some have new names, but all have made it into common use
[18:49] You: Larry, is it useful for you to know HOW the project has been used?
[18:49] Ionnes McBride: cn i ask a second question?
[18:49] You: lol
[18:49] You: sure
[18:49] Ionnes McBride: nm...
[18:49] Ionnes McBride: go ahead
[18:49] Larry Pixel: for example we used to call things like Facebook "social computing"
[18:50] Larry Pixel: now it is called social networking -- or even a social operating system
[18:51] Ionnes McBride: i have a more specific question... we were discussing real gamers... and the fact that they won't use something SL, but want more of an MMO
[18:51] Larry Pixel: ahhhh
[18:51] Ionnes McBride: is that balance between the gaming and education possible in a way to reach hardcore gamers?
[18:51] Larry Pixel: welll I'd argue that Second Life and the other some 100 virtual worlds are not games at all
[18:52] Ionnes McBride: so would i...
[18:52] Larry Pixel: but merely share a commion approach to platform
[18:53] Larry Pixel: in my research, the most common actual games used in edu so far are not MMOs
[18:53] You: so, does this information help you, LArry?what the students are doing?
[18:53] You: for example, we just discovered that many people are using it to legitimize their work
[18:53] Larry Pixel: now in the military, that is not the case...they use games all the time for training
[18:53] You: is that something that is helpful to know?
[18:54] Larry Pixel: yes we very much appreciate this sort of support and expansion of the work we have done. I hope you will share your reports with us.
[18:54] You: lol
[18:54] You: they are all coming to you and Alan
[18:54] You: lol
[18:54] Ionnes McBride: willl we get paid? lol.. jk
[18:54] You: as part of their grade
[18:54] You: you get paid in the form of grades
[18:54] You: lol
[18:54] Ionnes McBride: typical teacher answer
[18:54] You: Larry is really busy and could only stop for a second to be with us
[18:54] Larry Pixel: will NMC pay you?
[18:54] Larry Pixel: no
[18:55] Desideria Stockton is a typical cranky teacher
[18:55] You: lol
[18:55] Larry Pixel: we are not-for-profit
[18:55] Ionnes McBride: oh okay...
[18:55] You: and I dont get paid either
[18:55] You: lol
[18:55] Larry Pixel: our purpose is to make contributions that help people, and all involved are violunteers
[18:55] You: but, NMC has been a great supporter of education here
[18:55] You: in SL
[18:56] You: and, specifically, the literature builds for Literature Alive!
[18:56] Larry Pixel: it was very very nice to meet all of you! Good luck with your projects -- and please, if you are comfortable with the idea, feed them back into the project.
[18:56] Larry Pixel: cya !
[18:56] You: so, this is our way to give back to them
[18:56] Eloise Pasteur: Bye Larry
[18:56] Ionnes McBride: thanks for you time... bye
[18:56] You: thanks, Larry :-)
[18:56] Larry Pixel: you bet
[18:56] Larry Pixel: one last thing
[18:56] Daliah Carter: bye larry
[18:57] Larry Pixel: you folks probably don't know how lucky you are, but Desi and Elo are two of the most creative people I know
[18:57] Larry Pixel: :)
[18:57] Desideria Stockton blushes
[18:57] Eloise Pasteur blushes
[18:57] You: ok, so that wa fun!
[18:57] Ionnes McBride: how do you "blush" on SL?
[18:57] You: lol
[18:57] You: we type it
[18:57] You: backslash
[18:57] You: like this /blushes
[18:57] You: try it
[18:57] Ionnes McBride: \laughs
[18:58] Nathamine Nemeth: /blushes
[18:58] Ionnes McBride: lol... my character just broke into laughter... that was funny
[18:58] You: like this /me blushes
[18:58] You: oops I forgot a word
[18:58] Daliah Carter: me
[18:58] You: so, like this /me blushes
[18:58] Desideria Stockton laughs
[18:58] Ionnes McBride laughs
[18:58] Ionnes McBride: cool
[18:58] You: there ya go
[18:58] You: ok
[18:58] Ionnes McBride: i learned something
[18:59] You: so, lets sort out where else we should look
[18:59] You: lets go to flickr
[18:59] You:
[19:00] Ionnes McBride: i don't get what the usefulness of flickr is
[19:00] Ionnes McBride: (was that grammatically correct?)
[19:00] Nathamine Nemeth: I never found any video or slides there....just stills
[19:00] Ionnes McBride: ditto
[19:00] Ionnes McBride: and that didn't seem very useful
[19:00] Nathamine Nemeth: ditto
[19:01] Eloise Pasteur: flickr depends on what you're looking for
[19:01] Eloise Pasteur: There are all kinds of things there
[19:01] You: ok
[19:01] You: so maybe that isnt a place that is used?
[19:01] Eloise Pasteur: but it is mostly photos
[19:01] Nathamine Nemeth: I did a search for SL and business the other day...nothing
[19:01] Ionnes McBride: ditto
[19:01] You: is it fair to say some platforms (like slaideshare) are more useful than others?
[19:02] Nathamine Nemeth: certainly
[19:02] Ionnes McBride: i didn't SL and business too... that's funny... i could only find 15 good sources...
[19:02] Ionnes McBride: i did rather
[19:02] Nathamine Nemeth: I kind of stretched it a bit to find twenty
[19:02] You: ok, now lets just do a simple google search ... type this in exactly with the quotation marks..." NMC Horizon Report"
[19:02] You: see what comes up
[19:03] Ionnes McBride: okay... the actual report came up first... obviously
[19:03] You: ok
[19:03] You: then?
[19:03] Nathamine Nemeth: somethign from educause
[19:03] Ionnes McBride: "research agenda..."
[19:03] You: ok, they were a sponsor
[19:03] You: anything else?
[19:03] You: any blogs?
[19:03] You: other sites?
[19:03] Nathamine Nemeth: nercomp
[19:03] You: ok
[19:04] You: click that
[19:04] Ionnes McBride: one from "elearningneeds.blogspot...."
[19:04] You: do you see the pattern?
[19:04] Ionnes McBride: mostly blogs?
[19:04] Nathamine Nemeth: yeah
[19:04] Ionnes McBride: but are blogs cridible sources?
[19:04] You: well, no, others will list it
[19:04] You: yes, for this report
[19:04] Ionnes McBride: okay
[19:04] You: blogs ARE credible
[19:04] You: because we aren'
[19:05] You: t evaluating their use of the report
[19:05] Ionnes McBride: oh
[19:05] Nathamine Nemeth: they give fristhand accounts of how someone used the HR
[19:05] You: we are just saying - here are the pople using it and this is how they are using and why
[19:05] You: we aren't saying that the source is good or bad
[19:05] Ionnes McBride: rite... duh... sorry
[19:05] You: or the reasons good or bad
[19:05] You: no, it is a valid question
[19:05] Ionnes McBride: how many sources are you looking for?
[19:05] You: we are preparing an informational report
[19:05] You: I am looking for you to find EVERYTHING
[19:06] You: that tracks back to the NMC Report
[19:06] You: I want numbers
[19:06] You: charts
[19:06] You: anything that will help Larry and Alan
[19:06] You: as they prepare 2008 report
[19:06] You: who is using it
[19:06] You: how are they using
[19:06] Ionnes McBride cries
[19:06] You: why?
[19:06] You: well, some things can be summed up
[19:06] Ionnes McBride: sounds like a lot of work
[19:06] You: for example
[19:06] Nathamine Nemeth: does using the earlier reports(pre 2007) count?
[19:06] You: we found nearly a thousand tags on
[19:07] You: no
[19:07] You: we are tracking back only to 2007
[19:07] Ionnes McBride: whew
[19:07] Nathamine Nemeth: that really narrows it
[19:07] Ionnes McBride: way to try to make it more work, Nath
[19:07] Ionnes McBride: lol
[19:07] You: ROFL
[19:07] Nathamine Nemeth: sorry
[19:07] You: no, you have enough to do, but that is why it is given to you upfront
[19:07] You: :-)
[19:08] You: so, I might do a chart
[19:08] You: that lists all of the web 2,0 applications I looked at
[19:08] You: and the tag I used
[19:08] You: so, to introduce the charte
[19:08] You: I would have an overview like this: In searching for uses of the 2007 Horizon Report, the tag "NMC Horizon" was used.
[19:09] You: The search yielded the following results:
[19:09] You: then the table
[19:09] You: Flickr 0
[19:09] Ionnes McBride: so... we don't have to use like... 40 different tags, rite?
[19:09] You: Slideshare: 516
[19:09] You: right
[19:09] You: I would use one or two
[19:09] You: NMC
[19:09] You: and NMC Horizon
[19:10] You: or NMC Horizon
[19:10] Ionnes McBride: what if we do it that way.... what if we do an analysis of the different tags and what we get from them?
[19:10] You: and Horizon Report
[19:10] You: that is one way to do the report
[19:10] You: but remember
[19:10] You: you also have to adress WHY
[19:10] You: and HOW
[19:10] You: can you get that from just a simple look at the services used?
[19:10] Ionnes McBride: yes?
[19:11] You: (no)
[19:11] Ionnes McBride: bummer
[19:11] Ionnes McBride: i figured it try it
[19:11] You: some services, like and FURL
[19:11] You: just capture pages
[19:11] You: so, those will be fairly easy
[19:11] You: but YouTube
[19:11] You: and SLideShare
[19:11] You: you have to look at
[19:11] You: my advice is to send an email to your classmates
[19:11] You: tell them to read this chatr history (I will tell them to as well)
[19:11] You: and then work together
[19:12] You: so, all of you are doing some research
[19:12] You: sharing it with each other
[19:12] You: and then everyone can use it in the final report
[19:12] You: I can create a wiki for you if you want one
[19:12] You: or you can use the one that exists
[19:12] Ionnes McBride: a new one might make things simpler
[19:12] You: but, if you want to work collaboratively, that has to be generated by you
[19:12] Ionnes McBride: but i don't want to burden you w/ extra work
[19:13] You: lol
[19:13] You: it takes LITERALLY
[19:13] You: 30 seconds
[19:13] You: for me to set up a wiki
[19:13] Ionnes McBride: i have a question...
[19:13] You: I can set it up right this second
[19:13] You: if you know you want one
[19:14] Ionnes McBride: what are we going to have final-wise?
[19:14] Ionnes McBride: as in exame
[19:15] You: here is the wiki I just set up for you
[19:15] You:
[19:15] You: and the final is an essay
[19:15] You: actually
[19:15] You: a short report
[19:15] You: and it is easy
[19:15] Nathamine Nemeth: another report?
[19:15] You: you answer one question
[19:15] Ionnes McBride: bummer... i was hoping you would so we didn't have one... just the Final project
[19:15] You: well, the dept requires one
[19:15] Ionnes McBride: what's the question?
[19:16] You: so, here is the question
[19:16] You: "Write an analysis report of how this course might help prepare you for the work force."
[19:16] You: it is worded a bit differently
[19:16] You: but that is the gist of it
[19:16] You: if you give me a thoughtful response
[19:16] You: you get 100
[19:17] Nathamine Nemeth: when will we do it?
[19:17] Ionnes McBride: when's it due?
[19:17] You: it is open during finals week
[19:17] You: for three days
[19:17] Ionnes McBride: okay
[19:17] You: you can start it now
[19:17] You: lol
[19:17] You: it is really easy
[19:17] You: you are just evaluating the class
[19:17] You: what you learned
[19:17] You: how you will use it
[19:17] Ionnes McBride: sounds great
[19:18] You: now remember where the majority of class points come from
[19:18] You: this report is a hige chunk of points
[19:18] Ionnes McBride: yes... gold stars
[19:18] You: huge
[19:18] Ionnes McBride: oh... that too
[19:18] You: so, put all your all into it
[19:18] You: because they go to NMC and I want to be proud of the work you have done
[19:18] You: and YOU want to be proud of the work you have done
[19:18] Scope Cleaver is Offline
[19:19] You: did you see the wiki?
[19:19] You: someone send an email to the class
[19:19] Ionnes McBride: okay... and you said you would post this on the blog? cuz i gotta run...
[19:19] You: I will post this chat right on there for you
[19:19] Ionnes McBride: thanks
[19:19] Scope Cleaver is Online
[19:19] You: with a link to it
[19:19] You: ok
[19:19] You: take care
[19:19] Nathamine Nemeth: I gotta run....and my internet explorer is misbehaving
[19:19] You: ok
[19:19] You: see ya later :-)
[19:20] Ionnes McBride: thanks for all you help, mrs, Stockton
[19:20] Eloise Pasteur: Bye:0
[19:20] Daliah Carter: good night guys
[19:20] You: lol
[19:20] You: bye
[19:20] Nathamine Nemeth: bye

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mini Research Assignment

Students in English 104 Hybrid should complete the following mini research assignment.

Is it a Wiki World?

Audio Instructions (mp3)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Quoting, Summarizing, Paraphrasing Assignment

Students in English 104 Hybrid should complete the following assignment to reinforce the concepts in the lecture podcast.


Audio Instructions (mp3)

The College Essay

This is a podcast for students in English 104 Hybrid.


You can view the slides HERE.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Part 2 November 8 Lecture Notes English 104 Hybrid

Here is Part 2 of the lecture notes for tonight's class on peer reviewed research.


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English 104 Lecture Notes November 8, 2007: Peer Reviewed Research and Podcasting

This is Part 1 of the lecture notes for English 104 Hybrid at DeSales University recorded on November 8, 2007.


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Friday, October 26, 2007

English 104 Hybrid October 25 Lecture noted Part 3

This is part 3 of the lecture notes from tonight.


English 104 Hybrid October 25 Lecture Notes P2

This is part 2 of tonight's lecture notes.


English 104: Hybrid Lecture Notes Part 1

This is PART 1 of tonight's lecture on Social Software.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Google Suite

Andrew did an excellent job on this project on the Google Suite!



Wednesday, June 20, 2007

DeSales University Contemporary Fiction Lecture I

Here is the first lecture from Contemporary Fiction at DeSales University.


Saturday, June 16, 2007

Kate Chopin Vodcast

Student prepared...but gets the point out there...


Monday, June 04, 2007

Student Podcast Series, Post 1

Friday, June 01, 2007

Student Podcast Series: American Romantics Conversations

This is an anonymous student post on conversations.


Student Podcast Series: American Romantics Conversations

Here is Anthony's conversation!


Friday, May 04, 2007

American Literature Welcome

Welcome to American Literature I at LCCC. Please listen to the welcome message below.


At-Large Participant Welcome - American Literature

This is a greeting for persons not registered for credit at LCCC.


American Literature Lecture Notes: Atkins 2

Please listen to the lecture notes (part one) provided here on the articles by Scott Atkins located on the course wiki.


American Literature Lecture Notes: Atkins 1

Please listen to the lecture notes (part one) provided here on the articles by Scott Atkins located on the course wiki.


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Creative Commons for Googlers

I found this and thought it would be helpful to those interested in learning more about Creative Commons licensing.

Google Tech Talks
October 26, 2006

Mike Linksvayer

Creative Commons provides tools that enable the legal sharing and re-use of creative and educational materials online. Come learn about Creative Commons, what they're doing, and how Google might help. Creative Commons' general counsel will be on hand to answer questions about CC copyright licenses and other legal issues, but the presentation will focus on technical projects at Creative Commons: license-aware web search, microformats, reliable metadata-embedding in various media types, and licensing integration with user generated content platforms.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Creating a National Literature

These are the lecture notes for American Literature I at LCCC.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Foundations of British Literature

Please visit the SLeducating site to receive the notes.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Welcome to Open Access Literature

Many thanks to Chris Hambly for his generosty in providing space to post over on his SLeducating blog. This blog is speech-ready, and you can read the post or listen to it. Many thanks for this very cool enhancement to the summer lit courses!!!

Please read and/or listen to the welcome lecture here.

Apathy and Literature

This post is part of the open access summer literature series I am teaching at LCCC. Many thanks to Chris Hambly at and SLeducating for providing voice enabled blog posts.

Please listen to the welcome lecture here.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


This is a podcast tour that I created for a colleague giving a SL tour to administration. If you would like the supplemental notecard, please im me inworld (Desideria Stockton).


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Welcome to Women in War

Please listen to the welcome podcast from David Longenbach and Beth Ritter-Guth; they are teaching a learning community connecting History 224: World War II and IDS 154: Women's Studies. You can register for one or both of the online courses at Lehigh Carbon Community College. You may also participate as an at-large student (for no credit) by getting involved in the Second Life discussion series.


Monday, April 23, 2007

Why Second Life?

Here is a podcast about why SL is a great teaching tool for literature!


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Just a Wee Little Twitter Bug

Wow....this is pretty cool! I shall use it to post my thoughts as I grade research papers.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Lecture Notes 3-27-2007 Research Paper Rubric

Here are the lecture notes from today' class :-)


Friday, March 16, 2007

These Are the Days...

The 10,000 Maniacs had no idea how prophetic they would be on March 16, 2007.

There are days when there is NOTHING educational and edifying going on in SL. But, those days are getting to be few and far between. Today, there was SO MUCH going on that I actually had to rank and choose.

I missed out on the awesome live speech at the New Media Campus by Dr. Daniel Reed, Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, on Computing the Future: The 3-D Net. But, because of the future...I was able to listen to the podcast, and it was like I had never missed it!

I missed it because I was at the ACHUB conference listening to Exploring Opportunities in Second Life for Health Education and Medical Training by Pauline Woolley & Dr Damion Young, University of Oxford. I am so excited about the sharing of ideas that took place there. Pauline and Damion have an excellent vision, and I am confident in the pending results.

So, then my event notifier clicked on, and I was reminded of the faculty discussion at Greenbush...but, alas, it was listed with the wrong time, and I missed it. Even though they focus on K-12 education, I am impressed by their resources and commitment to faculty development.

Well, then I had a little break, and was off to hear Jeremy Koester talk about gaming in SL. It was a great experience, and his voice chat offered an awesome dimension. We are going to work together to get Edufrag in SL.

After Jeremy, I presented my talk on Barbie with Brains: The Second Life of a First Life Nerd. This was an awesome experience. I have presented many times IRL, but it is a whole new experience inworld.

Today was an amazing SL day; I felt energized like I do when I go to RL conferences. There are some brilliant folks in SL, and I hope to meet each and every one of them!

Monday, March 12, 2007


Please listen to the following MP3 speech by student Wanda Chaparro. It is an excellent speech example!!!


Friday, February 23, 2007

Enlgish 105 Partnership with Dr. Carter

Students in ENG 105-07 can earn 10 extra credit points on their C/C paper by going on student-led tours in SL. Please review the parameters ;-0

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

February 20, 2007 Podcast

Here are the lecture notes on writing compare and contrast essays.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

February 13, 2007 Podcast

Short and are the notes from today about the next paper!!!


Monday, February 12, 2007

Bucks County Community College - Gaming Presentation

Here is the Video Podcast and the PPT Slides for my presentation on gaming.


PPT Slides

Bucks County Community College - Gaming Presentation

Here is the podcast and the PPT Slides for my presentation on gaming.


PPT Slides

Friday, February 09, 2007

Weatherly HS Announcements

Please listen to the following podcast :-)


February 8, 2007 Podcast

Here are the lecture notes from today. We covered scholarly research and gathering web sources.


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

February 6, 2007 Podcast

Here are the lecture notes from today on cause and effect essays :-)


Wednesday, January 31, 2007

January 30, 2007 Part 2 Lecture Notes

Here are the lecture notes for the second half of class on January 30, 2007.


January 30, 2007 Part 1 Lecture Notes

This is the first half of lecture notes for January 30, 2007. We explore thesis development and outlining.


Thursday, January 25, 2007

January 25, 2007 English 105 Lecture Notes

Here is the mp3 from today's lecture on overall paper structure, summary, paraphrase, and quotation use.


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

College English 105, January 23rd, 2007 Class Notes

Here is a podcast of our lecture notes :-)


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

College English 105 January 16, 2007 Class Podcast

Here is the podcast from class on January 16, 2007.


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Weatherly HS English 105 Syllabus

This is English 105 syllabus for students in the dual enrollment program at Weatherly HS.

Ethical and Scholarly Internet Research

These are lecture notes for students in English 105. These notes are supplemented with copyrighted materials available within WebCT.

Second Life Clip

Thanks, Gary, for this incredible SL video!

You Tube

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Cause and Effect Lecture Notes

These are lecture notes for the students in my English 105 classes. There are additional notes (protected by copyright) within WebCT.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Weatherly HS Welcome

This is a podcast for students taking English 105 at Weatherly HS through our dual enrollment program:

Welcome Podcast

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Second Life Intro

Here is a little introduction to my Second Life!


Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Note about Literature Podcasts

Hi! Thank you for stopping by to listen to the literature podcasts. You will notice that some of the podcasts are more "introductory" than others. This is because the lecture notes, themselves, come from copyrighted material. Therefore, the lecture notes exist beyond the walls of WebCT in compliance with copyright laws.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Open Chemistry Presentation

This is my class presentation for Dr. Amy Koerber's English 5386: Social Discourse. I wrote my semester paper on comparing and contrasting the communication styles of traditional and open chemistry using the system and lifeworld principles of Jurgen Habermas.

Screencast Presentation

PPT Slides

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Community College w/o Borders Interview

The students in English 105 Honors interviewed humanitarian workers, Rev. Thom and Vickie Hicks of Louisville, KY. Their work focuses on Freetown and Kabala, Sierra Leone. We only recorded a portion of the interview to allow for the students to ask questions freely and to allow the guests to speak freely about the work they do.


Friday, September 22, 2006

The Writing Process Video Podcast (Vodcast)

Here is the writing process video podcast (vodcast) for download onto a video iPod.

m4v File

The Writing Process Screencast

Here is a link to a screencast of the writing process (MOV file).

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Writing Process Lecture Notes Podcast

These are the lecture notes for Honors English 105: The Writing Process


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Interview with Jean-Claude Bradley

The students in English 105 Honors interviewed Dr. Jean-Claude Bradley, Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry at Drexel University, on September 7th, 2006.

The students are preparing a summary of his interview, his web materials, and materials written about him in their quest to define and understand Open Source Science.

Interview (mp3)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Technology Tools Overview

This is a screencast overview of wikis and blogs found on the Technology Tools wiki for professors and teachers found at

Wiki and Blog Overview

This is the flash screencast of the Technology Tools Screencast for the Technology Tools Wiki. I used Google Video to produce this work. The Podcast is also available.

Flash Screencast

mp3 Podcast

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Honors English 105 Course Expectations

This is the PowerPoint presentation for students enrolled in Honors English 105 at LCCC.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Wiki Creation Podcast

Here is a podcast version of the screencast for creating a wiki for class.

Podcast (mp3)

m4v, screencast, and assignment sheet

Wiki Creation Vodcast

This is a screencast of directions for creating a wiki for class. Please click on the links below:

Vodcast (for iTunes) m4v

Screencast Movie

Assignment Sheet

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Second Harvest Video

Wendy Barron's digital media students put together an awesome video on hunger in the Lehigh Valley. The m4v will be available soon :-)

Streaming Flash Movie

Monday, July 17, 2006

The Modern Age of British Literature Podcast

Here is the podcast of the lecture notes for the British Modern Age.


The Victorians: Repressed or Not? That is the Podcast.

Here is the podcast of the lecture notes for the British Victorian Age.


Romantic Period 2: Free Love and Nature Podcast

Here is the podcast of the second set of lecture notes for the British Romantic Period.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

"The Age of Oddities" British Romantic Lecture Notes

These are the lecture notes for British Literature II: The British Romantic Period. Byron called it the "age of oddities" (Don Juan, I, 1021). He was right!


Saturday, July 08, 2006

Science and Writing VodCast

Here is a link to the vodcast of the science and writing initiative between Drexel's UsefulChem Project and LCCC's Community College without Borders Project.

You can subscribe via iTunes, as well.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

UsefulChem/CCWB Project Screencast

Do you want to know more about how Drexel and LCCC are working together to solve the problems of the world? Check out the screencast here.

Here is the link on YouTube.

Monday, July 03, 2006

British Literature II Jane Austen Lecture Notes

Please listen to the following podcast for Lecture Notes for Jane Austen's Emma. You are responsible to read all of the materials provided on the wiki; all are fair game for the midterm exam. Please take careful notes as you listen, and follow up by reading the questions posted on the wiki.


Saturday, July 01, 2006

British Literature II Overview

Please listen to the following podcast; it is an overview of the material we will read in class.


Welcome to British Literature II

Welcome to British Literature II. Please listen to the welcome podcast; in here, I review the syllabus with you and detail my expectations of your work.


British Literature Timeline

Here is the podcast of the British Literature Timeline for British Literature I.